WebSite Links
Thanks much for visiting us! Here are a few of the sites around the web that we recommend.

CLICK on the graphic above for the Viet Nam Veteran's Memorial web page.

United States Navy
U.S. Navy official website.

United States Navy
U.S. Naval Historical Center website.

The Attu Diary of Dr. Paul Nobuo Tatsuguchi
Writings of an Imperial Japanese Army doctor. A very different perspective: A MUST READ! Video and interviews are also available.
VS-34 "Proud Tigers" website

Aircraft Carrier Websites
Links to Aircraft Carrier (and other ships) Websites.
A site for United States Navy and Marine Corps Aviation

USS Bennington website
Sister Ship to USS Randolph

USS Yorktown website
Another USS Randolph Sister Ship

USS Hancock website
Another USS Randolph Sister Ship

USS Lexington CVS-16 website. USS Randolph CVS-15 Sister Ship
USS Lexington Museum Corpus Christi, TX.

USS Forrestal
USS Forrestal Museum homepage

USS Coral Sea Tribute site
The Ageless Warrior

USS Midway
San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum

Hot Sheet
Just a great web directory.